Marathon Underground: Canada's Leading Specialty Underground Contractor

Marathon Underground has grown into one of Canada's leading specialty underground contractors.

From humble beginnings over 40 years ago drilling boreholes in the Ottawa area with only two vertical drilling machines, Marathon soon acquired several earth boring machines and began what is now our Tunneling Division. In 2000 we acquired a small specialty rock tunnelling company and with their staff knowledge Marathon developed a strong expertise in rock boring, tunnelling and pipe ramming.

We grew with our client’s trust and our dedication to provide superior customer service to every job. Our clients continually pushed us to offer more services which gave us the confidence to grow such that we now provide a complete range of underground capabilities, including:

  • Trenchless drilling
  • Shoring
  • Deep foundation
  • Vertical drilling & consolidation grouting

All with in-house value-added engineering to ensure that every project is completed on time and on budget.

Today, we continue to provide superior service to the satisfaction of our clients, partners, suppliers and our over 200 employees. We also continue to evaluate new offerings as we grow into one of Canada’s leading specialty underground contractors.

A Partnering Approach

We look at every project as a collaboration between the owner, designer, constructor and sub contractor with the ultimate goal to have the project completed to the satisfaction of all partners involved. We don’t simply provide pricing for projects. Every project that we work with is reviewed by our in-house geotechnical engineering team to ensure the project is completed in the most efficient, cost-effective manner that maximizes the safety of our employees.

We blend design and theory with practical experience to suggest alternate methodologies, balance redundancies with budget, or provide full designs when requested with complete supporting documentation and drawings. The ambition of our team is to get it done right the first time with no surprises.

Our reputation as innovators and problem solvers has us invited to unique situations and challenges all across Canada. We excel in situations with complex scopes of work or difficult access and geology. We have the equipment fleet and crews ready to mobilize anywhere in Canada and have completed projects from British Colombia to Prince Edward Island and the Canadian North.

Equipment Fleet And Crews Ready To Mobilize Anywhere In Canada


Machinery Is Replaceable
People Are Not

A Commitment to Safety

Through cooperation and understanding, Marathon Underground consistently strives to ensure the safety of all employees and team members who work on premises or on site.

Our management team is committed to providing all of the mechanical, physical and training tools needed to promote and ensure the safety of everyone who works with us.

We've also established a health, safety and environmental policy that follows and enhances the best practices of the construction and drilling industries. When it comes to safety, our mantra is clear: Machinery is replaceable. People are not.

Rewarding Careers

At Marathon Underground, we're incredibly proud to be a specialty contractor made up of talented and hardworking individuals.

If you're looking a challenge and want to learn new construction skills while receiving excellent benefits and competitive wages for your efforts, then we’d love to hear from you.

Excellent Benefits And Competitive Wages


Canada's Leading Specialty Underground Contractor

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