Proven track record

Since 1981, Marathon Underground Constructors Corporation has earned an industry-wide reputation as a leading provider of services to the contracting horizontal earth boring, rock boring, environmental and geotechnical drilling sectors.

At Marathon Underground, our goal is to offer the best, most cost-efficient drilling services and innovative solutions to our customers.

Outstanding customer service

Our success in the industry stems not only from the experience and tools we bring to each earth and rock boring project, but also from our drive to deliver superior customer service.

Our customers recognize that we bring more than machinery to their job sites; we bring leadership, best practices and commitment to every project. Commitment is not merely a word; it’s an attitude.

Our philosophy of delivering superior service and around the clock support has made Marathon Underground a leading choice among global engineering, mining and general contracting firms.

Marathon Underground’s ongoing commitment to your success, combined with our superior service, sets us apart from our competitors.

Commitment to safety

Through cooperation and understanding, Marathon Underground consistently strives to ensure the safety of all employees and team members who work on premises or on site.

The management team will provide, to the maximum extent possible, all the mechanical, physical and training tools to promote and ensure the safety of everyone who works with us.

We have established a health, safety and environmental policy in conjunction with, and conforming to, the best practices of the construction and drilling industries.

When it comes to safety, our mantra is clear: Machinery is replaceable. People are not. Think safety. Don’t cut corners. Our #1 resource is our people!


Marathon Underground is a solid company that is made up of talented and hardworking individuals. Heavy Construction is not easy work, but who wants everything easy?

The solutions we provide to the construction and engineering industry requires individuals who like to work hard and like to be rewarded for their hard work.

If you like a challenge, have ambition to learn new construction skills, and want to receive excellent benefits and competitive wages for your efforts, then we want to hear from you.

Please contact us at

Marathon Underground offers an unparalleled variety of services to meet all of its customers’ unique needs.