Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling Projects

The Challenge

Over the past 40 years, Marathon Underground has worked with numerous engineering clients to carry out a variety of environmental and geotechnical drilling & grouting projects.

One of the biggest challenges our clients often face is conducting drilling in areas that are remote and difficult to navigate.

The Solution

At Marathon, we've adapted our environmental and geotechnical drilling services to meet the specific needs of our clients. That's why we offer a fleet of lightweight, powerful drills that outperform portable drill rigs when it comes to horsepower, speed and versatility.

Our EXPLO drill fleet is specifically designed to be modular, breaking down into seven individual pieces with a total weight of less than 800 lbs. This allows us to reach areas that standard equipment simply couldn't get to for geotechnical investigation, while still having enough power to drill through both soil and rock with a 5-foot stroke offering production rates of 8-feet per hour.

For more challenging and remote projects, we often use our Odyssey Diamond Drill, which we've specifically outfitted to handle difficult projects, such as complex bridge and dam retrofits, small barge water work and angled borehole drilling. This particular unit is also incredibly modular, breaking into three individual pieces that take about 20 minutes to assemble and can actually be carried into an area by hand.

Over the years, our team and fleets have successfully carried out projects in a variety of unique places and conditions, including:

  • Small barges
  • Highway embankments
  • Parking garages
  • Building interiors
  • Transit tunnels
  • Frozen lakes
  • Bridges
  • Sidewalks
  • Dams
  • Railway lines

We pride ourselves on having completed these projects safely, on time, on budget and with limited environmental impact.

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