Pipeline Construction Projects

The Challenge

Pipeline installation is one of the most challenging industrial projects that any company can undertake. This is because of the sheer size of many of today's pipelines, with these complex underground networks often having to pass beneath roads, railways, rivers and heavily populated areas. An incorrectly installed pipeline can lead to access shortages and even environmental damage.

The Solution

With over 40 years of experience in pipeline construction projects, Marathon Underground has worked on countless installations across a wide range of conditions. We use a variety of trenchless methods, with diameters up to 72 inches and runs up to 250-metres long.

Our trenchless technologies are used for the installation of all types of pipelines and utilities under roads, railways, rivers, congested areas, environmental sensitive areas, alternates to deep open cuts and many other applications.

  • Auger boring (or Jack & Bore), is a method of installation that simultaneously hydraulically pushes a casing while rotating helical augers within the casing removes spoil. A sending and a receiving shaft is required. The rotating augers carry the spoil to the back of the casing pipe for removal by muck bucket, excavator or conveyor.
  • Slip boring is used to install pipe without leaving the casing in the ground, making it ideal for oil & gas pipelines. The casing is bored or rammed through the ground between the sending and receiving shaft. Then the casing is cut, and the product pipe is attached. The casing and pipe are then pulled or slipped back through the crossing, leaving only the product line left in the tunnel.
  • Pipe ramming is a means for driving casing by utilizing pneumatic percussion. The method is useful for pipe and casing installations under railway lines and roads, where other trenchless methods could cause subsidence or heaving. The leading edge of the pipe is almost always open and allows a small overcut to reduce friction between the pipe and soil and improve load conditions on the pipe. This also directs the soil into the pipe interior instead of compacting it outside the pipe.

Ultimately, Marathon has over 40 years' experience servicing the pipeline community. Our commitment to safety, the environment and our clients is what continues to set us apart to this day.

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