Consolidation Grouting & Grout Curtains

Marathon blends our vertical drilling capabilities with our in-house geotechnical engineering team to provide a full range of consolidation grouting services.

Ground improvement is used to modify the properties of the underlying soil or to build stiff elements. Normally, this is used to improve slope stability, improve bearing capacity, reduce settlement risk, mitigate liquefaction or prepare an area for further excavation.

A grout curtain usually consists of a row of vertically drilled holes filled with pressurized grout, a process commonly known as pressure grouting. The holes are drilled in intervals and in such a way that they cross each other, creating a curtain. Grout curtains are usually used to reduce seepage and uplift pressure.

Common projects that use grouting programs include:

  • Mines
  • Tunnel construction
  • Dams
  • Special foundations and retaining systems

All of our drillers are fully-trained and carry certificates in WHMIS, confined space, fall arrest, Norcat, Surface Miner Common Core, due diligence, transportation of dangerous goods, traffic control, St. John’s Ambulance first aid and CPR.

Our Environmental Projects

See how Marathon Underground has managed a wide range of complex and challenging geotechnical and environmental drilling projects.

Our Grouting Projects

See how Marathon undertook a grouting and shoring project for the Port Hope Canadian Nuclear Laboratory.


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