Whether you’re looking for geotechnical investigative work or a ground improvement project, at Marathon Underground we can get your borehole in the exact location you need to provide you with the best possible outcome for your project.

With extensive experience and a wide-range of equipment – including the latest track, truck and limited or difficult access drilling rigs – we can handle virtually any geotechnical, environmental or consolidation grouting project.

Our rigs run both conventional and hollow stem augers, in addition to utilizing all-automatic sample hammers and wireline coring systems capable of drilling vertical and angled holes up to 800-metres deep.

Our Locations

Marathon has three locations to offer complete Ontario wide coverage and can reach most major urban centres within a two hour drive.

Our Drilling Rigs

Truck Mounted Drill Rigs

Ideal for standard site conditions.

Track Mounted Rigs

Offer more flexibility for site access than a standard truck mounted rig.

Limited Access Rigs

We have a fleet of limited or difficult access drills that are completely modular, weigh as little as 800 pounds, and need as little as 8 feet of clearance. With fast production, these drills enable you to get your boreholes in better locations to achieve the best geotechnical information possible for your project.

Allow for drilling in difficult access includes places like:

  • Highway embankments
  • Small barges for water work
  • Frozen lakes
  • Load restricted areas

Rubber Tracked Drill Rigs

Rubber tracked drills are perfect for urban environments to minimize the risk of potential damage to pavement, sidewalks and landscaping.

Geoprobe Drill Rigs

Drill rigs with direct push technology for efficient environmental sampling. Our combination rigs are also capable of geotechnical coring and standard penetration testing.

Specialty Equipment

Marathon has completed drilling projects where custom or specialty drills are required. From inside Parliament Hill to transit tunnel walls to nuclear laboratory floors, we can modify our fleet or source what is required to complete your project. Our specialty fleet includes:

  • Electric powered drills for indoor use
  • Two-foot stroke rock drills for tight spaces

Drilling Services

We currently handle a wide range of drilling services, including:

  • Marine drilling
  • Mining support services
  • Difficult or limited access drilling
  • Rock anchor drilling and installation
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Instrumentation drilling & installation
  • Augering and rock coring
  • Consolidation grouting and grout curtains
  • Hydro vac excavation and daylighting
  • Portable and specialized drilling services

Geotech & Environmental Drilling

See how Marathon Underground has managed a wide range of complex and challenging geotechnical and environmental drilling projects while maintaining the safety of our workers and the environment.


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